[Scribus] additional bugreport to bug 884 and bug 746

Sebastian Röder sebroeder
Tue Jul 13 14:21:07 CEST 2004

Am Dienstag, 13. Juli 2004 12:45 schrieben Sie:
> On Tue, 2004-07-13 at 12:32, Sebastian R?der wrote:
> > Am Dienstag, 13. Juli 2004 01:46 schrieben Sie:
> > > On Sun, 2004-07-11 at 20:26, Sebastian R?der wrote:
> > > > As I have allready reported some weeks ago (bug 0000756), there are
> > > > still problems in overtaking the default document properties to the
> > > > new document defaults - the upper border in my custom format document
> > > > is set to 10mm via the default properties --> document tab but even
> > > > after restarting scribus and choosing new (document) the border is
> > > > set to 3.17 (the other values are correct). I also tried other values
> > > > and deleted .scribus - same result.
> >
> > OK - fixed in tonights CVS!
> >
> > > > Maybe related to bug 0000884: when I have a custom page size, every
> > > > time I click on landscape or portrait, the with and higth values are
> > > > set to half the orignal values (the document becomes smaller and
> > > > smaller).
> > >
> > > Try tonights CVS.. from my testing, this is fixed. Please let me know
> > > and Ill close bug 756 again.
> >
> > Is partly fixed. This means it works as expected in the File-->New dialog
> > now but the old problem still exists in Properties-->Document. (I think I
> > didn`t explain that it happens there, too - sorry.)
> Properties->Document? Do you mean Setup->Preferences->Document or
> File->Document Setup... ? I dont see it in Doc Setup and prefs is where
> we set it originally... ???
Sorry, it`s not easy to imagine what all the menus are in English... It`s 
Setup-->Preferences-->Document where the problem is still not fixed but in 
New->Document it`s fixed now. Yesterday it was broken in both of them. So the 
work is at least 50% done - or am I wrong? 
> > Good work!
> >
> > But the print preview problem still exists here, hope this can be fixed
> > till 1.2stable. And I found another little disadvantage: The oppacity in
> > the Scribus docs looks much more transparent than in a exported pdf, so I
> > had to try a lot to get the right result in pdf (checked with acroread
> > 5.0.7 and Acrobat Reader 6 on WinXP). Something that could be improved in
> > the future....
> I need to know more about the print preview problem, because I dont see
> much of a problem here. You have to use GS 8.x, we cant guarantee the
> best results on GS 7.x anymore. Please upgrade and retest.
OK, if you say there was an internal change and I need GS 8.x now, I have to 
do so, but it`s a little strange that the old .sla with latest CVS work fine 
in print preview and the newly created sla (with latest CVS) dosn`t. 
One more question to transparency: when I use a jpg photo that is overexposed 
on some white areas, then the print preview (the working one for an old 
sla-file) shows me transparency in this areas: I?ve never seen such behaviour 
in e.g. the gimp (but I like it). Is this normal? (Because jpg itself doesn`t 
have transparency). 
> 10% opacity is 10% opacity anywhere, but if you have an example I would
> like to see it.
I will send you an example the next days. Thanks.
> regards
> Craig

One smaller new problem:
When I set some guidelines in masterpages I can change them with the 
guidelines dialog of the normal scribus window. When I edit guidelines on 
masterpages e.g move 5mm to the right I have the old and new ones on the page 
in the normal window. If I erase guidelines on the normal page (which had 
been set via masterpages) they are gone, but I can hget them back via the 
masterpages menu (just open and close, because thy are still shown there). 
This is confusing - or I didn`t understand a spezial usability feature.


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