[Scribus] Copy of Copy of Copy of Text0

Craig Bradney cbradney
Tue Jul 13 11:01:53 CEST 2004

> > > [...]
> > > more frames in them.  So you end up with the frames labelled as Copy of
> > > Text0 for example; then if you copy that page you get Copy of Copy of
> > > Text0.  Aside from the problem of there apparently being a limit as to
> > > how many Copy of's there can be, I also can duplicate names, which
> > > Scribus doesn't like. (not unique)
> > In a word upgrade. This is issue is fixed in current CVS as of two or three
> > weeks ago. Much better default behaviour.
> this is good to hear. This one was bothering me since I use scribus ( I really 
> do use copy and paste often...)
> Timo


the copying to and from scrapbook handles copying of styles much much
better now. The massive duplication of styles will no longer occur.

It is still possible to get Copy of Copy of Text0 etc, but the easiest
way to avoid this is to NOT edit the name of the frame. Scribus will
just increment the end number and then you wont get the Copy of Copy of.
As soon as the name is edited, we have to have some way of creating a
new name for a frame. Perhaps the version you run does not have this
numbering change.


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