[Scribus] Compiling problems on Solaris SPARC

Adam Stein adam
Thu Jul 8 14:07:12 CEST 2004

>On Mon, 5 Jul 2004, Rainer Heilke wrote:
>> I've been having a real bear of a time compiling Scribus on Solaris. My
>> first problem was getting Qt (it wouldn't compile, giving me a pthread
>> error that was reminiscent of another compiling problem I had related to
>> using GCC rather than Sun's compiler), so I downloaded and installed the
>> KDE packages from kde.org. However, this still doesn't work. I have
>> added the Qt libraries to the system default using crle, all of the
>> Qt-related environment variables are set, and I've explicitly told
>> ./configure where to look, but it keeps bombing out with the "Qt must be
>>  >= 3.0.2" error.
>Hello Rainer,
>One idea is SolarPack.
>http://solarpack.sourceforge.net/ says "A repository of 1400+ pre-compiled
>packages of free software for Solaris systems".
>Their list of packages includes qt3-libs and qt3-tools and libart2 (also
>I see they don't list Solaris 10. You can ask them.
>Also they don't list scribus. But you can ask them.
>SolarPack (which I am not affiliated with) uses "pkgsrc" (which I am a
>developer) for building and installing packages.
>You could choose to use pkgsrc itself. See http://www.pkgsrc.org/
>If you use pkgsrc, I'll be glad to help you get it to work to build and
>install scribus under Solaris for you.
>(I need to update the pkgsrc version of scribus to 1.1.7.)

I would also be interested in a pre-compiled Scribus for Solaris (I'm running 
Solaris 8).  I managed to compile it myself (including the Qt libraries), but it 
core dumps when trying to deal with the OpenWindows PS fonts.  Checking with a 
pre-compiled version will tell me if I did something wrong.

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