[Scribus] Question about ghosscript

Plinnell scribusdocs
Fri Jul 2 14:11:15 CEST 2004

On Friday 02 July 2004 07:33, Tobias Stumpf wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a question about scribus and ghostview. I had a telephone call
> with my printing house and they said me that I should use Aladin 8.14
> instead of the ghostscript version for exporting my scribus document
> to PDF. They said that ghostscript have some problems about pictures.
> Have anybody problems whith exporting into PDF? Up to now I don't have
> any problems with exporting? The file also have a good quality.
> Have anybody expirience with both and can say me if Aladin make better
> PDF documents.
> Thank's for your help!
> Tobias


As Craig pointed out, a newer GS will improve some parts of import/export and 
highly recommeded. The only time GS is involved in PDF export, is if you have 
imported another PDF into a Scribus doc as an image. During the export phase, 
Scribus uses GS to rasterize the embedded PDFs.

That said, Scribus PDF export is extremely robust and all of the pre-press pre 
flight tools I have used for testing gives them very good reports on a par 
with other commercial DTP applications. E.g. Enfocus Pit Stop, Callas' 
PDFInspektor, Markzware Flight Check Pro and Acrobat 6 Pro Preflight tools.

I have written a doc on these kinds of questions here: 

Hope that helps,

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