[Scribus] Text to path doesn't work

Paraplegic Racehorse Paraplegic_Racehorse
Sat Jan 31 04:49:07 CET 2004

Scott Chapman wrote:

>I'm running Scribus 1.1.4 under RH 8.0 with KDE  3.1.1-0.8x.3 with Qt 
>3.1.2.  Here's the steps I followed to try to make text go on a path.
>Click Text Fram and place it.
>Select the font in the Properties toolbox and change it to something I 
>Place a bezier curve with only two points.
>Select the two items and group them.
>Item -> Attach Text to Path.
>I see briefly that the text attached to the path, then they disappear!
>What do I do to make this work?
I just went through this, myself (1.1.4 on Mac OS X). I also posted a 
documentation correction to the list a few days ago.

The trick is to _not_ group the curve and the text. So, the process is thus:

1. create a text box and format the text the way you want it.
2. create a bezier curve (number of points doesn't seem to matter)
3. select both the text box and the curve
4. select Item > Attach Text to Path

That's it. Note that when you double-click on the newly-created element, 
you will be allowed to edit the points of the curve, but not the text. 
To edit the text, you will need to use the story editor.

Also note that you will no longer have the ability to convert to 
polylines, polygons, graphics, and so on. The documentation regarding 
this is incorrect

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