[Scribus] Documentation error: Text to Path

Paraplegic Racehorse Paraplegic_Racehorse
Thu Jan 29 02:26:19 CET 2004

 From docs on Scribus.net (in Menu:Item under Text On a Path): "To 
create text on a path. Create a text box then enter the text. Then 
create a bezier curve with the desired shape. Next, Left Drag select the 
two items with the mouse. Group them together and the text will 
automatically follow the path of the curve. Double clicking the grouped 
item will enable editing the control points and shape of the bezier curve."

The third line, beginning "Group them together ..." should be omitted. 
In version 1.1.4 (Mac OS X via Fink; unverified under Linux or other OS)

References to converting to polygons or polylines should be removed. 
Once text is on a path, these options are removed from the contextual 
menu and are grayed out in the Item menu. This renders the remaining 
portion of the Text On a Path documentation wholly incorrect.

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