[Scribus] scribus and ligatures

Wed Jan 28 12:42:49 CET 2004

> VAN?K Petr wrote:
> > How Scribus handles ligatures (e.g. 'fi' etc.)? It's just dumb
> > questin - maybe it depends font definition. Can anybody try it?
> I'm not sure what you mean but starting scribus with "--lang fi" will 
> give you that language. Just write me a mail if you spot out any 
> mistakes. And without --lang, I suppose scribus reads the LANG 
> environment variable.

no, no, no. I've described it wrong. It isn't $LANG related problem.
Ligature (I'm not sure if is it right term) is something like "joined
characters" in text. It's result of the ages of font development.
There is a group of the characters which looks in ligature better
than standing alone. TeX example - compare this two cases:
1) ...blahblahblahblah fi blah... % create ligature = no space between 'f' and 'i'
2) ...blahblahblahblah f{}i blah... % no ligature = 'f' and 'i' are separated

I do appologise I don't attach any reference but I cannot use web now...

It's clearer now?


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