[Scribus] Crashes (auto. text frames, reverse linking)

O. Moskalenko malex
Tue Jan 27 18:14:30 CET 2004

* Craig Bradney <cbradney at zip.com.au> [2004-01-27 17:45:52 +0100]:

> Hi Alex
> > On my system (Debian GNU/Linux unstable branch) current 1.1.5cvs Scribus
> > seems to hit a couple of roadblocks.
> > 
> > 1) Scribus crashes if I attempt to copy a page when "automatic text frames"
> > option was selected during the creation of a new document. If I create a
> > new document, add a text frame, then copy that page, I don't get a
> > crash.
> Confirmed, but only with Automatic Text Frames on. Otherwise, no crash.

Well, that's what I wrote above, right?

> > 2) If I set the Edit-->Preferences-->General-->Document-->Page size to
> > "Letter", then the new file dialog pre-selects "Tabloid" instead of
> > "Letter". If I don't change that setting, I get the usual "A4". Could
> > someone verify that? 
> We have had issues with the page sizes. This is on the list, if not
> already fixed.


> > 3) Another observation. If I select a text frame on one page and link it
> > to the one on the next page and then try to link the second frame to the
> > first one Scribus goes bonkers and has to be killed. Now, I know I
> > "should not do something like that (TM)", but it'd be nice to have a
> > buit-in check that would trample such behavior.
> I can't replicate this one, with or without Automatic Text Frames on. It
> doesn't seem to occur at all. I do get one on unlinking though.

I've just redone this attempt using two frames on the same page. Same

- Create two frames.
- Select frame 1.
- Click on "Link Text Frames" button in the toolbar.
- Click on frame 2.
- Deselect frame 2 by clicking on the page canvas.
- Select frame 2.
- Click on "Link Text Frames" button in the toolbar.
- Click on frame 1.
= Result: scribus trying to grind my CPU into dust until I kill it.
Cursor changes its shape and I can' click anywhere else, not even
another window, just use the keyboard to switch to the open terminal and
hit Ctrl-C to kill scribus.


> > I'm not attaching strace and ltrace files as they are large. Please grab
> > them from a webserver, if interested.
> thanks
> Craig



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