[Scribus] Introducing to the mailing list

Andrea Astfalk noocyte
Sun Jan 25 20:36:29 CET 2004


I want to introduce me to scribus list: My name is Andrea Astfalk, 
living in Baden-W?rttemberg near Stuttgart. My profession is typesetter 
(out of job at the moment), using Ventura Publisher, CorelDraw and 
Advent 3b2 (under Windows). At home I am currently using Mandrake Linux 

Scribus was discovered a couple of weeks ago (LinuxUser), but today I 
installed the newest version from CVS.

I found a little bug:
1. It is not possible to create lines < 1pt. This was possible in my old 
version (1.0.1).

And something for the wishlist:
1. There should be a possibility of tweaking vertical space before and 
after a paragraph without creating a special style .
2. Is it possible to allow negative values for the vertical space.
3. There should also be the possibility to make a special vertikal space 
at the beginning of the column. So you can adjust the beginning of the 
column autonomously. (You don't need to create a style like 
4. Is it possible to link paragraphs together? So headline and body text 
won't be separated at the column end.
5. There also should be a way to change the width of "space". In some 
fonts the default is too wide/small. And it is sometimes a good way 
tweaking a  paragraph a line longer or shorter.

It's a long way making Scribus to a Quark-Killer -- but you are already 
on it! And the only other DTP application capable of scripting I know is 
advent's 3b2.

Best wishes to Scribus' developers and users

Information geht immer verloren, das ist das Ringen ... 

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