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Bob White bob
Sun Jan 25 17:40:54 CET 2004

On Sun, 25 Jan 2004 17:04:51 +0100
Craig Bradney <cbradney at zip.com.au> wrote:

> On Sun, 2004-01-25 at 16:58, Kurt Lhotzky wrote:
> > I have the same problem as Gregory Pittman, and Craig Bradney's hint
> > did change nothing for me.
> I have just checked and can check out perfectly here. These are the
> steps to follow (I have not included any system specific lines, like
> qt install dir modifiers for configure, apart from the export lines
> which may or may not be necessary):
> export
> CVSROOT=:pserver:anoncvs at ahnews.music.salford.ac.uk:/usr/local/cvsroot
> cvs login cvs -z3 co Scribus
> export WANT_AUTOCONF_2_5=1
> export WANT_AUTOMAKE=1.6
> cd Scribus
> make -f Makefile.dist
> ./configure
> make
> make install
> > Wouldn't it be possible to create an easier to install file of
> > Scribus 1.1.5.? As a rather inexperienced LiNUX-user it was already
> > adventurous for me to compile Scribus (fortunately I could ;-) - but
> > the CVS-thing seems to be far beyond my modest capabilities...
> There will be a tar.gz released when 1.1.5 is finalised.
> Craig
Thanks Craig,

That helps some, but in spite of doing all of that, I get this:

scribus/Makefile.am:137: invalid unused variable name: `AM_LDFLAGS'
scribus/libabout/Makefile.am:15: invalid unused variable name: `AM_LDFLAGS'
scribus/libprefs/Makefile.am:15: invalid unused variable name: `AM_LDFLAGS'
scribus/plugins/libchar/Makefile.am:16: invalid unused variable name: `AM_LDFLAGS'
scribus/plugins/svgexplugin/Makefile.am:5: invalid unused variable name: `AM_LDFLAGS'
scribus/plugins/svgimplugin/Makefile.am:5: invalid unused variable name: `AM_LDFLAGS'
scribus/plugins/printpreview/Makefile.am:16: invalid unused variable name: `AM_LDFLAGS'
scribus/plugins/scriptplugin/Makefile.am:11: invalid unused variable name: `AM_LDFLAGS'
scribus/plugins/Makefile.am:6: variable `pyt' not defined
scribus/libpostscript/Makefile.am:23: invalid unused variable name: `AM_LDFLAGS'
scribus/libpdf/Makefile.am:24: invalid unused variable name: `AM_LDFLAGS'
make[1]: *** [cvs] Error 1
make: *** [all] Error 2

After the make -f Makefile.dist step.  Any suggestions?  I compiled
1.1.4 OK and I'm using Mandrake 9.2.

Bob White

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