[Scribus] Printing in Scribus

Craig Ringer craig
Tue Jan 20 04:43:42 CET 2004

Andrew Kwashnak wrote:
>     Just curious whether this is on purpose, and situation with Scribus, or a situation with my Red Hat Linux (ver 8.0), but when I build something in Scribus and try to print it, "Printing to File" is my only option in the default drop-down box.

It sounds like you've either compiled Scribus without CUPS support, or 
aren't using CUPS on your system. If you're using CUPS on your system 
but Scribus doesn't see your printers, it's likely you were simply 
missing the -devel RPM for CUPS when you compiled Scribus. Installing 
this RPM and recompiling scribus should do the trick.

If you're not using CUPS ... perhaps now is a good time to try it out? 
You can either use the CUPS built in to RH8 or you can (easily) compile 
your own RPMs of the current version using:
	rpmbuild -ta cups-1.1.20-source.tar.gz
after downloading CUPS from www.cups.org. The compiled RPMs will be put 
in /usr/src/redhat/RPMS and you can install them using rpm -Uvh as normal.

> I could change to print to a command string but I have NO idea what to place in there (I'm fairly new to Linux).

	lpr -P MyPrinter
	lp -dMyPrinter

is normally appropriate - replacing MyPrinter, of course, with the name 
of the printer you want to print to (as seen in `lpstat -a`). Sometimes 
'-o media=a4' or '-o media=a3' (or whatever you use if you have American 
paper sizes) needs to be appended to get the printer to use the right 
paper. When printing using CUPS this all 'just works'.

Craig Ringer

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