[Scribus] Qt/Mac port of Scribus

Kevin Walzer kevin
Sat Jan 17 16:56:24 CET 2004

I've been trying to get it to build on the Mac for some time, but I 
keep running into problems. I've posted a lot of information about the 
various things I run into on the list and to the KDE-Darwin project at 
http://ranger.befunk.com/phpwiki--basically trying to build on the work 
they've been doing. At this point I'm going in circles, so I've set it 
aside. A brief summary of what I've tried:

1. Using the standard build instructions from Scribus--doesn't work.
2. Applying a patched admin directory (for generating Mac-native 
makefiles) built by Ranger Rick--this *should* work as a starting point 
because this is how they've gotten Koffice and everything else to build 
on the Mac, but I keep running into problems with libtool. Ranger Rick 
doesn't know how to fix this as it doesn't happen to him.
3. Try building Scribus against Qt-Mac directly--using qmake to 
generate the makefiles (qmake -project -macx). This works for awhile, 
but then chokes on .moc files--it can't find them.
4. And finally...importing into Xcode. You can use qmake to generate a 
scribus.pbproj file. This actually made more progress than anything 
else I tried. A couple of times I was able to generate a complete 
directory of files, including .moc files. What happened was that Xcode 
named the files moc_foo.cpp instead of foo.moc. Because all of 
Scribus's #include statements are coded #include foo.moc, I went 
through and re-coded everything as #include moc_foo.cpp.

This last build died for some other reason and I dumped it to start 
from scratch, but now everything I've tried runs into the same brick 
walls as described above. The Xcode approach was actually the farthest 
I got. If I get time this week I might give it another shot. What would 
remain to be done is actually the hard work of pulling out the X11 
dependencies, which I don't know how to do. This actually requires 
writing code, which I can do at only the most basic level. Do you think 
this is something you might be able to pick up, either based on what 
I've done (if I can get the Xcode stuff back to where it was, I'd be 
happy to pass the files on to you) or based on what I've outlined?

As for getting the source code, you don't need to check out CVS--the 
1.1.4 developer release in source code is downloadable from the Scribus 
site at http://www.scribus.net

Hope this helps! I would love to see Scribus run on the Mac but I don't 
know how to get it past a certain point.


Kevin Walzer, Ph.D.
WordTech Communications -- A New Paradigm of Poetry
mailto:kevin at wordtechweb.com

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