[Scribus] was insert or copy page - now layers?

James Bowes jbowes
Sun Jan 11 21:17:29 CET 2004

Hi all.

A thought about my situation has occurred to me. I have used multiple
layers to create a document. My question is now about the layering
capabilities of the app.

Is it possible that I am using too many layers to accomplish what I am
doing. Here's an example:

     1. Page 1: header layer & column layer, multiple text frames
     2. Page 2: header layer, footer layer and column layer, multiple
        text frames

Perhaps I need only use 1 layer and multiple text frames though I think
that would defeat the purpose of layering...

-james b, IT renegade,
Brevity Networks

"There is nothing like dream 
to create the future. - Victor Hugo

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