[Scribus] Insert or copy page

James Bowes jbowes
Sun Jan 11 18:48:53 CET 2004

Hi all.

I am enjoying learning the Scribus application. The issue before me is
with inserting or copying a page. I am not sure if I mentioned this
before. I am trying to copy a page with all it's contents and layout and
turn it into a 3rd page where I may change the contents later.

My thinking is that all the text, font styles and layout is being
replicated and it is causing Scribus to crash. Would anyone have any
ideas on how to work around this? I cannot even insert a blank page and
suffer from "signal 11" syndrome now.

Thanks for any and all help.

-james b, IT renegade,
Brevity Networks

"There is nothing like dream 
to create the future. - Victor Hugo

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