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Magic Page magicpage91
Sat Jan 10 05:15:34 CET 2004

Wayne Maeda wrote:
> On Friday 09 January 2004 10:37 pm, Gregory Pittman wrote:
>>Wayne Maeda wrote:
>>>How does one select text in small (one or two words) text frames?
> I forgot to mention that I'm dealing with text frames that have been rotated 
> 90 degrees. The normal text editing rules don't work as well in this state.
> Wayne
> _______________________________________________

Don't know why I didn't remember this as well about selecting text in a 
small text frame.  I was complaining about it one night while talking 
with Peter on the IRC.  It was so simple, but it's those simple things 
that throw us the big curves!  ;o)

Open your Properties window.  In your Properties window, after selecting 
X,Y,Z, you will notice a little icon in the lower right of the 
properties window that looks like an open lock.  After selecting your 
text frame, click on the lock to make it appear as a closed lock.  This 
will lock the text frame, so that no modifications can occur to it.  At 
that point, selecting text, no matter what the rotation will be simple!


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