[Scribus] Small Text Frames

Wayne Maeda iw
Fri Jan 9 10:40:27 CET 2004

How does one select text in small (one or two words) text frames? Whenever I 
try, I always end up reshaping the frame size instead of selecting text. The 
first letter of text is so close to the frame border that the cursor cannot 
differentiate between selecting text and editing frame size. Normally, the 
cursor changes to a double arrow for frame editing and an "I" bar for text 
editing. However, in small text frames, the "I" bar cursor is not very 
consistent and can result in frame editing instead, especially on the first 
letter of a text frame. To workaround, I have to enlarge the frame, center 
the text to keep it away from the border, then select it.

This is not a problem when dealing with normal paragraph size text (although 
it has happened before but not very often. Is there a way I can do this 
without enlarging the text frame? Perhaps double clicking to select the whole 

Scribus 1.1.4 on Mandrake 9.2

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