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> I am pleased that 1.1.4cvs went smoothly to 1.1.5cvs but what are the
> "?" I sometimes get. The U and "P" seem self-evident.
> The debate is wonderful. I think SMOOTH and STEADY is the trick.
> Putting in Math ML engines is for specialists. SVG is edited
> elsewhere. And so forth. Even spell check can  be done on the text
> before is is imported. I get it the main idea is still to get the text
> FIRST and then set it as a lay out. That is what DTP is, no? You HAVE
> something already; you want to publish it in a certain way. The
> philosophy of the thing we must be clear about not a bundle of word
> processing features.
> bart at solozone.com

With reference to spell checking, I'm doing a document that has a text
box for a heading, a small box with "normal" text, a couple of pictures,
captions in a text box for the picture, another header, etc.

In other words, there are 6 or 8 text boxes per page.  Importing text
only imports one box at a time, so using another application for spell
checking is severely painful.  I could get by if there was an export
of the whole document to a text file.  Then I could run a spell check
elsewhere and manually transport the corrections back, but a spell
checker would be ideal.

This is the first document I've done with Scribus, so I'm still
learning.  Maybe there is a better way to format the document.  I will
say that Scribus is the best program I've ever used to get the layout
the way I want it.  I started this document in StarOffice. Initally,
everything goes much faster, then the automatic stuff starts getting to
you.  Pretty soon, there is a jumble of stuff that is impossible to sort

Keep up the good work, and I vote for a spellchecker.

Bob White

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