[Scribus] another (?) use for Scribus

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Jan 9 16:26:42 CET 2004

Wesley T Allen wrote:
> What do you use the presentations for?
> Wes

I'm a neurologist, so I am doing presentations on medical topics mostly.

I suppose I wouldn't have to "roll my own" presentations, so to speak, 
since I could get "free" PowerPoint and other materials, but then you 
have to put up with the corporate logos and the slanted information you 
get from the pharmaceutical company or whoever made the slide...and 
probably one of the reasons I like Linux is that I've always been 
somewhat antiestablishment.

And I guess all of us Scribus users are obsessive-compulsive enough to 
want our work to be *just* right, nothing more, nothing less.

Gregory Pittman

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