[Scribus] Tables in Scribus?

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Jan 9 16:13:34 CET 2004

Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> Jean v.Oertzen wrote
>>Sorry, maybe this is a bloody noob question, but how can I realize
>>tables with Scribus? Is there any wizard?
>>Thank you for a short hint.
> Create a table in OpenOffice.org Calc or Gnumeric, export it to
> PDF/PostScript (both should be able to print selections), convert PDF/PS 
> to EPS and insert in a Scribus document.

But you could also use Latex:

%(table environment example for 5 columns)
\begin{tabular}{ccccc} % 5 columns centered data
blah & blah & blah & blah & blah\\

then export to PDF/PS -> EPS. This seems a lot easier to me than firing 
up Calc or Gnumeric just for a table.

But I agree with Petr these are clumsy workarounds that take you out of 
Scribus, then back in; so every time you want to tweak the table you 
have to go out and back in again.

There ought to be a way to use either Latex or HTML as an model to 
accomplish tables, lists, etc.

Gregory Pittman

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