[Scribus] Tables in Scribus?

Alexandre Prokoudine avp
Thu Jan 8 19:20:44 CET 2004

Mardigrafe - Louis Desjardins wrote
> What's really missing :
> - Bleed
> - Drop caps
> - Point size and leading at least in 10th of a point
> - Multicolumn in a text box (but I think this is fixed)
> - Keyboard shortcut to apply stylesheet
> - Import/Export text at least from/to OpenOffice format (including stylesheets)
> - Improve the typesetting engine (user should be allowed to define a few more settings such as in Quark)
> - Allow user to define hyphenation exceptions (import/export user defined lists from OpenOffice)
> - Pica measurements on base 12 and not in decimals
> - Spot colors (but Pantone is proprietary...)
> - A find/replace feature with real horse power (this has always been clumsy in Quark) : multiline... and beeing able to save that search/replace table to use it in other documents... would be nice!
> - Various typographic spaces (thin, en and em spaces) breakable and non-breakable ... searchable in the find/replace feature
> - Ability to define the language of hyphenation on a paragraph basis (or at least on a text box basis)

- bullet/numeric lists and styles for them

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