[Scribus] Tables in Scribus?

dave d.crossland
Thu Jan 8 16:51:36 CET 2004

On 8 Jan 2004, at 13:04, VANEK Petr wrote:

>> Hopefully there will be new format in 1.3. I would like to
>> see inheriting
>> idea of OpenOffice.org format concept (all in XML, XSL-FO for
>> text, SVG
>> for vector graphicsm MathML for formulas -- all-in-one).
> I'm not sure that formulas is a must for S. resp. it's imho one of the
> last things on my mind when I speak about "quark like DTP".
> we've got long time used (La)TeX (lyx etc.) with superb math 
> typesetting...

Scribus' format is XMLish already, so I hope this kind of thing is not 
too hard :)

However, I feel that it would make more sense to have a equation editor 
that writes out MathML, or an illustration editor that writes out SVG, 
and for Scribus to simply import/embed these formats. Perhaps tweaking 
them is a scribus user's job, and worth having an interface to, but 
such 'separation of concerns' is important to reduce duplicated 
programming effort, imo :)

...unless an emacs-style ScribusOS is at the end of the roadmap, ahah ;)


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