[Scribus] another (?) use for Scribus

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Jan 7 15:34:31 CET 2004

Having just recently bought an LCD projector, I was in the process of 
putting together a presentation.

I was going to use Presentation in OpenOffice, but was dissatisfied with 
the quality of the fonts, color transitions, and well as the chronic 
hassle with the very structured formats for the slides.

I then tried making HTML, and again not happy with the font-handling 
capabilities of Mozilla or Mozilla Firebird.

Just for the heck of it, I decided to try out Scribus, then export to 
PDF, then use acroread ---> it looks GREAT!  Acroread has all the basic 
features you need for a presentation, with full screen views, settings 
for the display (automatic or by mouse click), antialiasing. Color 
gradients are superb. (And transitions that just as cheesy/visually 
distracting as they are in Presentation or PowerPoint)

I think this brings up a whole new arena for using Scribus, and you also 
automatically have printing/publishing capabilities either in Scribus or 
acroread for printing a syllabus.  I haven't tried some of the clickable 
features of PDFs yet, but that's another possibility.

Gregory Pittman
Louisville, KY

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