[Scribus] incorrect alignment of text frames

a.l.e xale
Sun Jan 4 15:50:07 CET 2004

hello dear friends!

i was laying out a small brochure and i noticed a problem in the alignement
of the text on a floating frame.

i've put the pdf page here


and the .sla file at the same place


the three columns are in the same text-frame (really cool feature!) and i made
a little mistake and i've let the undertitle (from "Skolelinux" unil "dar.")
above it start a little bit below the beginning of the big text-frame.

it looks like this

einzigarties Modell einer in Client and Server
strukturierten Distribution dar.

                              des Netwerkes zur Verf?gung:
                              Die Namensaufl?sung der IP-
Dur eine einfache Auswahl     Adressen (Bind/Dns), die
am anfang der Installation    automatische IP-Nummer

the first column starts much below the second one!

i've tried to align correctly the two frames (letting the title start above
the text) and then it's everything correct... so it's nothing urgent
(for me), but i think that such a good software should handle
it correctly :-)

thank you for your excellent work! i was really impressed from the the
improvements in 1.1.4 and 1.1.5! among other i really apreciate
the indentings and the tabulators!

buon anno!


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