[Scribus] Small usability issue - align dialog

neil lewis neil
Thu Jan 1 13:53:30 CET 2004

Hi guys,

Scribus is great and improving all the time, but I have one small 
usability suggestion.

When using the "align" dialog, there are presently (version 1.1.4) two 
dropdowns and two sets of radio buttons to set.

This means that to align objects both horizontally and vertically, 
without distributing them, would require six mouse clicks (vertical 
dropdown list, item select, align radio button, horizontal dropdown 
list, item select, align radio button) before "okay" or "apply".

Instead, IMHO, two simple radio button lists, both defaulting to "don't 
align" would be faster and more logical. This would only reuquire two 
mouse clicks for the same settings (vertical radio button select, 
horizontal radio button select) before "okay" or "apply".
Keep up the great work!

Neil Lewis.

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