[Scribus] Again with a Newbie Question

E.Bond Francisco ebondfrancisco
Fri Dec 31 10:32:23 CET 2004

Hello everyone, and best wishes for the New Year!

Everything I now about Linux and Unix and the terminal I've learned in 
the last couple of weeks after hearing about Scribus and attempting to 
install it on my Mac OSX 10.3.7 GP Quicksilver 800. I don't know much, 
but I think I've managed to install the necessary files using 
FINK/Install binaries.

In the terminal I can $ls /sw/bin and I see SCRIBUS there, along with a 
bunch of other files. So now I'm faced with this embarrassing dilemma: 
I don't know how to open it. On my Mac I have a program called XDarwin, 
and I also have an application called X-11. I'm reading up on these 

So my newbie question is, now that I've got Scribus installed, how do I 
get it running?

Thanks very much,

EMAIL ADDRESS CHANGE: As of December 6, 2004, my new email address will 
be ebondfrancisco at comcast.net.

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