[Scribus] pay for plug-in?

M. P. Dickens mpdickens
Thu Dec 30 00:33:24 CET 2004

OTOH, proving that an open source product can play well with
a commerical offering specifically designed for that open
source product would prove to many commericial software houses
that open source is good for business. Either they could charge
for the actual product or charge a fee to support the product.

The following statement is not designed and/or intended to
start a flame fest or insite a debate:

The arguement that all software should be free does not hold water.
Software, like books, movies and paintings are artistic works and
people who code should be paid for their efforts if they so
desire (Just like writers, artists, directors and actors).

I program for a living and in my spare time, I write software
that is free: The code I write that I am paid for enables me
to write free software. I bet that the primary author of Scribus
is in a similar situation.

Best regards

Marvin Dickens

bart at solozone.com wrote:
> it seems to me that paying for a plug in is absolutely contrary 
 > to the G P L philosophy and what should be this project's goals.
> Nevertheless, I do appreciate that printers are frantic to get 
accurate color (which is quite a problem).
> Bart Alberti

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