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Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Wed Dec 29 15:35:44 CET 2004

? (At) 9h16 +0100 29/12/04, Franz Schmid ?crivait (wrote) :
>Louis Desjardins schrieb:
>>It just came to my mind that this little X is like a dumb light in 
>>the car telling you the motor temp is too high... when it's too 
>>late (or very late)... We'd be improving again, and innovating, if 
>>the little square telling you text overflows would be a number (of 
>>line) instead. Could be in a square. Could be whatever! But it 
>>would be anything but dumb. And would help make a decision right 
>>a. too many lines to adjust the layout, go back to the editor and 
>>tell them to cut that many lines (and by the way, you sound smart 
>>knowing that much about the problem! No more "cut a few, and it'll 
>>be perfect" thing... who needs an approximation 10 minutes from the 
>>b. 2-3 lines over, track a bit or suppress a subtitle
>>c. 10 lines over and this author will never accept a text cut, crop 
>>the picture instead, crop it!
>>d. 20 lines and the same as 3, change the font and squeeze the 
>>leading... oh! and yes, crop the pic, just a bit.
>>e. 300 lines over... well, at least you'll know it doesn't fit at 
>>all and can ask "by the way who the hell did the layout and thought 
>>it'd fit!"
>You can get the exact information how much text doesn't fit into a 
>textframe when you right click on that frame and choose the "Info"
>item on top of the popup menue.

Hi Franz,

I will not say enough how I am impressed and enthusiastic with all 
the work that you do! Scribus is just great, I realize that everyday. 
And the program has still lots of surprises, like this one!

Did you know Quark can't tell you that much?

The feature I was thinking of is very close to the info we can get 
right now. But it would also relates to other variables: width of 
text frame, typeface, type size, leading (the basic settings we used 
to deal with in photocomposition coding <M><S><L><T> for Measure, 
Size, Leading, Type) from which we'd know exactly how many lines of 
type we have in the text frame, and how many lines -- provided we 
keep the same text frame width (or "measure") -- are there left when 
the text frame is not long enough. I guess we already have a good 
start with the info. As if it were possible to implement the feature 
as I see it, is a question I can't answer myself!

All the best to you!

Danke sh?n!


>Best Regards,
>Franz Schmid
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