[Scribus] short words

Robert Kaiser KaiRo
Tue Dec 28 19:33:11 CET 2004

>>You might even like to start a new language, American. Then we wont have
>>"English" wars
> To correct that, the "English" should be "English (British)" and the "English" 
> should be American English. However wrong this might seem to the Brits or us 
> Aussies, its the way it should be in terms of such things given the setup in 
> Scribus of en/en_GB.

In the Mozilla localization project, we have en-US as the default 
locale, and have an en-GB localization team actually :)

We don't use KDE-/gettext-based L10n though (Mozilla UI does work quite 
differently), so I don't know if e.g. Scribus can go the way to state 
the differences that openly (i.e. there's no simple "en" but only 
"en-US", "en-GB", ...) - it sounds like a good thing to me though (and 
remember that even the strings in the UI ate different, as we have e.g. 
color/colour and such things, so it might very well be worth the effort 
to have two different localizations there.

Robert Kaiser
(leader of Mozilla L10n project and Scribus user)

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