[Scribus] pdf bookmarks

Ingo Hohmann iho
Tue Dec 28 18:44:01 CET 2004

Hi All,

at the moment I basically just want to convert some text into a pdf 
file, and as scribus is said to have the best pdf capabilities under 
linux, I thought this might be as good a reason to start learning a bit 
about scribus as any.

Now on to my question: is it possible to create hierarchical bookmarks 
with scribus? Like for chapters and subchapters, so that these are 
displayed hierarchical in acrobat reader?

The way I am creating bookmarks right now, is to mark the first line of 
a textframe, right-click, and select bookmark from pdf properties, is 
there a better way? I seem to have some trouble, that not all bookmarks 
are created.



P.S. I'm using scribus 1.2

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