[Scribus] Time for feedback.

Étienne Labaume etienne.lab
Sat Dec 25 02:57:50 CET 2004

Hi Scribus people.

Just a little report to tell you how I enjoyed discovering and working
with Scribus. I'm a physicist, not a computer scientist, and my "graphic"
knowledge is limited to an occasional use of The Gimp. I had to prepare
an oral exam for the last Thursday: Ten minutes, no computer, plastic
slides only.

I took an evening to discover Scribus (using the Debian Sarge version,
ie 1.2.1), and about ten hours the next day to make a seven slides
presentation. I've been playing a lot with colors and shapes, and 
eventually, I'm really enjoying the quality and rendering, even more
when I realize how easy it has been to make it.

I experienced only one bug (?), with text insertion, and only one crash
(a "signal 11", in fact). This is a very good piece of software,
powerfull and easy to learn. To anybody who made the smallest part of it
available: thank you.

?tienne Labaume

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