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Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Thu Dec 23 14:38:28 CET 2004


Curiously or not, what brought me to Scribus, among other things, was 
the fact that there is a [my language] version I could grab, play 
with and show to others. All this in [my language] no matter how many 
crazy people from all around the world, speaking so many different 
and fabulous languages, gave a hand to make that happen!

I do contribute to this list in [other language] and it is my 
pleasure to do so. It's also a challenge because sometimes I find it 
really hard to express myself in [other language]. So I read The 
Register (for instance) and other [other language] publications and I 
learn and try to make sense in [other language].

Sometimes, through the mistakes other contributors make in [other 
language] doing the same thing as me, I can recognize [another 
language] and I find this always really interesting. It even helps me 
learn and correct myself. I am always in a learning state. Although I 
must say I am very lazy at learning how to update a cvs but this is 
[another story]. ;-)

I was shocked by this "Finally English replaces unreadable text" 
because it's a hit at a very sensible spot. The statement is wrong. 
Short view, short perspective, short thinking and narrow-minded. It 
really hurts because it's not like the Scribus project. Each and 
every word in this very short sentence is like fuel to light a fire. 
Was there a necessity for that?

So, to find a little peace I went to see the translation stats and 
found the open sourced Scribus is *by far* better, despite its 
limitations, than any other DTP app because more people, speaking 
more languages, can use it, work, learn or teach in [their own 
language] and if one finds [his language] is not there, he/she can 
grab the file and translate it.

Scribus team can be proud and prouder each and every time a new 
language-forgive me to say- finally replaces English in the menus! It 
means a whole new bunch of "scribusors" is born, somewhere on the 
planet. It does not diminish anybody and does not reduce any language 
"or whatever it was" to something that shouldn't be there because it 
is not useful to some others.

Maybe the following statement (cited from the "apologies to the 
list") could be revised a bit an could benefit of more nuances and 

>Scribus, nor any other open source project, has
>not or will not achieve the growth and success
>desired by the developers unless the default
>language is English - the International language.

I do think we all benefit from the input of others. Without some 
specific needs for specific languages, Scribus would not be the same 
nor would other open source projects. It's this ability to respect 
the differences that makes the difference. Nothing such in the 
commercial world of apps.

I too agree with Greg

>I think some discussions about how to present oneself with civility,
>common sense, and respect for others is appropriate for any list.

I hope we keep up with the good work, and the spirit! ;-)

Au revoir!


? (At) 20h17 -0500 22/12/04, M. P. Dickens ?crivait (wrote) :
>I must say that I agree with Gregory regarding the contrast between 
>this list and the Fedora list. To often, people forget why they 
>joined a specific list - For help (Something all of us need sooner 
>or later).
>Marvin Dickens
>Gregory Pittman wrote:
>>What I have enjoyed about this list is that there has been a certain
>>decorum, with respect for those who use it and genuine attempts to help
>>anyone stymied by problems with an ancient version of Scribus.  Check
>>out fedora-list as a contrast.
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>Scribus at nashi.altmuehlnet.de
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