[Scribus] today's CVS (yesterday was the same)

Guest007 trash4
Wed Dec 22 15:08:47 CET 2004

? ????????? ?? 22 ??????? 2004 11:26 Craig Bradney ???????(a):
> > And long-time problem still the same -- broken drop-down menu "Insert
> > line" in toolbar.
> Broken how? Works fine here
When I press downarrow I can see to_pencils_icon in first position of list and 
2 empty next positions. When I move mouse over menu icon change to 
line_with_two_small_crosses and next 2 places in menu still empty. But all 
works fine. Just a visual effect.
> File Import without a document open. They will be imported onto a page as
> defined in the SVG. No problem there. Control Drag will resize
> proportionally.
It's work. But when I'm playing with openclipart-0.8 some artwork collapsed to 
1x1 point dimension after import-copy-new_document_paste and can't be resized 
back. For example carnegie_library_building_01.svg in "building" section.


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