[Scribus] LUG presentation

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Dec 20 23:47:37 CET 2004

Wesley T Allen wrote:

>Hi Gang,
>	My local LUG is having a trio of tools demo'd in Feb.  We're all taking
>identical text, and created a newsletter.  One person is using OOo,
>another LaTeX, and I'm using Scribus.  It'll be an interesting time.
>Are there any features that you all would like me to demo?  Right now
>the format will be...
>1. Multi-column text.
>2. at least on image.
>3. at least on table.
>4. header.
>5. footer.
Something you need to think about is that all the things you're planning 
on doing can be done, and done faster most likely, with oowriter.  So 
you'll have to be prepared to show why someone would want to go to the 
bother of learning Scribus.  Showing the ability to handle SVG graphics 
would be good, exporting pages as images, exporting as PDF, using 
Scribus to create a PDF presentation are some things you might 
consider.  A lot of the advantages of Scribus have to do with not just 
inserting a text frame or an image, but manipulating it once you have 
inserted it, grouping objects, translating to an output form that a 
professional printer would accept.  The interaction with Gimp is a cool 

Greg Pittman

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