[Scribus] AnonCVS is back!

Craig Bradney cbradney
Mon Dec 20 22:35:27 CET 2004

Hi All

Yes, you read it correctly. Having had a motherboard failure and a hard drive 
failure and then other muckups along the way, we have found light at the end 
of the tunnel.

Firstly, the team would like to thank N at work (www.work.de) in Hamburg, Germany 
for sponsoring us, along with my mate Eirik and his boxes making up 
Anduin.net. You will soon see them listed as sponsors on our websites that 
are hosted by them too.

You should probably start a new CVS build directory.

So, new server, new CVS details:
export CVSROOT=:pserver:anoncvs at scribus.info:/cvs
cvs login
No password, so just hit enter, then
cvs -z3 co Scribus

Be nice to the server :=)

AnonCVS is 100% up to date.

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