[Scribus] LUG presentation

Wesley T Allen wezlo
Mon Dec 20 13:22:43 CET 2004

Hi Gang,
	My local LUG is having a trio of tools demo'd in Feb.  We're all taking
identical text, and created a newsletter.  One person is using OOo,
another LaTeX, and I'm using Scribus.  It'll be an interesting time.
Are there any features that you all would like me to demo?  Right now
the format will be...

1. Multi-column text.
2. at least on image.
3. at least on table.
4. header.
5. footer.

(I might run psbl it and print it on 11x17 paper just to show off).

Will 1.2.1 be available by Feb?  Will CVS be back up soon?

Wesley T Allen
Central Baptist Church of Riverton-Palmyra
Palmyra, NJ 08065
pastor at centralbaptistpalmyra.org

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