[Scribus] Re: WP vs DTP

Rainer Heilke rheilke
Mon Dec 20 02:27:45 CET 2004

Nik wrote:

>I'll try to explain my view here:
>One of the reasons that WP is so popular is that a generation of computer 
>users found Word ready-installed on their computers, and learned to use it. 
>For better or worse (and I believe, much worse, in fact) this is the default 
>way most users create a computer document these days.
I agree. Truth is, though, that this (broken) system is all most people 
want. And it will be many, many years before you overturn this WP model.

>In fact, I too would be aghast if my favourite DTP starting exhibiting WP-like 
>failings. However, a single simple tool that didn't require me to use both a 
>(broken) WP, and a DTP to produce useful output would be a very desirable 
I think the proper solution might be a fully functional module--that is, 
turning the current Story Editor in something much grander. This may be 
a hard sell, though. It would mean marrying a WP/DTP-cross module into 
the actual DTP, I would think. And then there are spreadsheets, tables, 
etc. When does the list stop? I would still argue the separation of the 
two. Not to say a more powerful Story Editor would be a bad thing, but 
let's not divert energies away from Scribus' core DTP development.

Just my humble 1.5c. Drat, .6c after taxes! ;-)


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