[Scribus] dina5-ps and borders

Craig Bradney cbradney
Sun Dec 19 20:40:08 CET 2004


> > I ran into problems with a scribus-document. I'm not a
> > proffessional, so i hope for your help.
> >
> > The main problem is the DIN A5 format. How can I create PostScript
> > with that size? The generates .ps-file show up as dina4 with dina5
> > inside, so there is a lot of white space.

I seem to be able to. I just export to PS and I get an A5 page. 


Perhaps you want to send your file for testing?

> > The second problem with that are the document borders. I have
> > Borders of 10,9,10,10 mm on any page. But i need that everywhere
> > except the first and the last page.
> >
> > Could you help me with that?

Its not possible in Scribus 1.2.x to have margins different on a per page 
basis. To achieve this you would either have to create multiple documents, or 
use some PS magic after export to put in the margins.

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