[Scribus] compile error in today's cvs download

Bill Barnes bill
Fri Dec 17 07:29:13 CET 2004

On Thursday 16 December 2004 18:01, Craig Bradney wrote:
> hmm.. well, we know it CAN find xml2-config in /usr/bin, why its not
> finding it on your machine is the question. We also know itll find it on
> Debian. We also know the whole thing builds and runs on many machines.

Well, hooray!  Got a clean compile and a running program.

Did 2 things.
1.  Pulled a fresh download from cvs.  Doesn't look like it has changed from 
the first download.  So maybe a bad copy.
2.  Rebooted the system to be sure the compile didn't go into swap.  Don't 
know if that really matters.  I usually keep several desktops going (KDE).  

Thanks for all the responses.

Incidentally, my target was the oo write import, but it seems that only oo 
draw has hit the cvs files.

Bill Barnes

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