[Scribus] PDF file size

Rainer Heilke rheilke
Fri Dec 17 02:55:59 CET 2004

Actually, considering the majority of PR's file is images, this is a 
very good point. My files were mostly text, so the image compression 
would not have influenced the final PDF size proportionately.


Craig Bradney wrote:

>Will also depend on your image compression options. If theres no compression 
>and formats that PDF cannot use internally are used, then they will be 
>converted to large PDF X Objects.
>On Friday 17 December 2004 01:36, Rainer Heilke wrote:
>>Try the "Subset" option in the PDF output window. I've had similar
>>problems, and this option fixed them when dropping resolutions didn't.
>>Rainer Heilke
>>Paraplegic Racehorse wrote:
>>>Scribus 1.2, SuSE 9.1 Pro
>>>I am in the process of creating some PDF documents of several series
>>>of disparate, but themed, graphics files. I am unable to achieve
>>>anything resembling reasonable PDF output file size, however. In one
>>>case, I have somewhat less than one page of text (two fonts, embedded)
>>>and approximately 12 pages of assorted graphics files. Within my
>>>filesystem, the combined size of all the graphics is about four MB of
>>>[mostly] reduced-color-palatte GIF files. The output PDF, however, is
>>>nearly 20MB! (8.0 x 10.5 pages, 300dpi, reduce images to 300dpi, embed
>>>two fonts, Acrobat 5.0, generate thumbs, include bookmarks, format for

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