[Scribus] scribus crashes due to signal #11

steve mail
Thu Dec 16 22:34:28 CET 2004

> > > >>>-create a new a4 document
> > > >>>-fill the whole page with a rectangle
> > > >>>-make a text box and put some text in it.
> > > >>>-do >item>duplicate to get the crash
> >
> > Hi. Correction. It only crashes when the text is selected. Unselect the
> > text and it duplicates fine.
> Ok got it. Will be fixed.
> Craig
Thanks. We really appreciate all the work you are doing. We're using it for 
our gcse dtp coursework and some of the stuff the kids produce with it is 

Could I use this thread to ask if any other teachers are using scribus for 
anything? Sorry if I'm OT.

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