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Pier Luigi Cinquantini plcinquantini
Thu Dec 16 19:30:32 CET 2004

Je ?a?do, la 16a de Decembro 2004 18:50, Craig Bradney skribis:
> > Nice poetry, by the way.
> > Not related, but interesting as trivia, skribus translates to
> > "should/could write" in Esperanto, so, "Mi skribus gxin,"= "I could
> > write it."

If you want to say exact: "Mi skribus" translates "I would write". I could 
write= Mi povus skribi - I should write: Mi devus skribi.

> > Thank you for the hard work that has made scribus such a great app.
> Interesting. Cant pronounce it with that x in there tho :)

Yes, you can't pronounce and the letter x doesn't exist in esperanto. People 
use it to show the letters ?????? (unicode) cx, gx, hx, jx, sx, ux, that now 
with Unicode we can write normally.

By the way, reading the Scribus Faq I noticed that Scribus has his name origin 
from latin, but even that is not exact. In latin dosn't exist the word 
Scribus, but Scriba, scribae (first declination).

Pier Luigi Cinquantini

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