[Scribus] scribus

James Gilmore james.d.gilmore
Thu Dec 16 18:32:04 CET 2004

Pardon me, I realize I have been lurking and not participating.
However, it seems to me that the "cloak and dagger" business is mostly
just cultural differences, different approaches to dealing with
people. Give them a chance, and I feel that you will find them to be a
welcome help.
Also, give Craig a break. Look at how far and how fast scribus has
developed. Frankly, I'm astounded. Obviously, he is doing something
right.  I don't think he's given reason not to trust his judgement.
Nice poetry, by the way.
Not related, but interesting as trivia, skribus translates to
"should/could write" in Esperanto, so, "Mi skribus gxin,"= "I could
write it."
Thank you for the hard work that has made scribus such a great app.

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