[Scribus] Difference between DTP and word processor

robert robert
Thu Dec 16 01:59:17 CET 2004

I've only recently started learning scribus, and I got asked today what the 
difference is between a DTP program (such as scribus) and a word processor 
(say Word or OpenOffice's Writer).

The best answer I could give is scribus can output something ready for a 
commercial 4 (or 5) color printing press. It can also do PDF forms (a nice 
feature in and of itself). However it lacks a spell checker and it's not that 
good for creating the text. Scribus is great for page layout however. (The 
response to this last point was, "So what. I can add pictures, and graphs in 
Writer/Word too.")

Frankly, I found my answer sorely lacking, which shows I still have much to 
learn. Can anyone enlighten me?

Second question: Is there a *SEARCHABLE* archive of this list anywhere? I 
found the archive, but not a way to search it. According the FAQ, it should 
be searchable.
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