[Scribus] Scribus crashes

Andy Steinhauf steini.ffo
Wed Dec 15 02:35:15 CET 2004

Hello !
> > > Nope, but I have a few guesses. The first and foremost is the
> > > possibility that you compiled against the newer headers, but the app is
> > > being linked against the older library at runtime (or vice versa).
> >
> > I've checked it and found an old freetype-devel package. I'v uninstalled
> > it and reinstalled my selfcompiled rpm package. The I recompiled Scribus.
> > Result: the same. It crashes at startup. After run of strace scribus, i
> > can say it crashes while processing Type1 fonts...

> I guess the first question is why upgrade freetype2 ?
> There are a whole slew of major libraries which are built against this.
> Upgrading freetype2 independently of the other major libs (Qt,GTK etc.)
> which are compiled against it can cause lots of weird applications errors.
I've updated from 2.1.4 to 2.1.9, because it's rquired by gimp 2.2preX. I've 
also updated gtk from 2.2.x to 2.4.x and all needed libraries. I have no 
problems with gimp, inkscape or KDE after the upgrade...



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