[Scribus] A sample script

kobuswolf kobuswolf
Tue Dec 14 15:39:09 CET 2004


I wrote a little script to automatically make an article. I dont know of a better way to do this (I'm new in the business), but if you know of some thing easier or better please let me know. 

Also for the scripters amoung you I have run into a few snags, like determining the size of a picture and font sizes (length of text in mm)

Please remember this is a rough first draught, but any coments will be welcome. I plan to write a little gtk app that creates the .art file. You add the heading, writer, textbody and photo. The textsub or layout person can tell the script to make a 1 to 5 colomn article and place it.

Kobus Wolvaardt  

P.S. The document should be in mm.  :-)
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