[Scribus] Re: Scribus broke my Printing System!

Dave Spagnol davecs
Mon Dec 13 19:03:42 CET 2004

Hi everyone:

A bit more information.

After Craig's reply, I have upgraded to ghostscript-afpl. I also upgraded 
Scribus to the 2004-12-10 version.

I did another leaflet that would not print in Linux, either directly through 
Scribus or through Acroread, resulting in my printing system breaking and a 
reboot. There was no transparency, and I noticed that during a Print Preview, 
page 1 would not show, but page 2 would. At least ghostscript didn't crash 
Scribus this time.

On page 1, there was an *.eps graphic, which I imported into a frame so I 
could shape the frame and run text around it either side of a column gap. 
Anyway, I re-imported the graphic directly via import menu, and did the 
shaping of the text by drawing a freeform frame over it (I started with an 
empty graphics frame, converted it to a polygon with line and fill colours 
both set to "none"). Also I ungrouped and regrouped the graphic. I could not 
open it as *.svg, I had made  versions of both from the original *.wmf using 
OpenOffice Draw, but attempting to import the *.svg resulted in strange 
things happening to my display, then once I clicked the mouse button, 
everything went back to normal but without a graphic imported!

This time, everything went fine, I got the print preview and a print direct 
from Scribus.

So I am now wondering whether the problem relates to *.eps graphics which are 
imported using a picture frame.

There is another thing here: if Scribus is going to be used at all ends of the 
scale, both by professionals and home users, it needs to be usable at both 
ends. If certain postscript levels don't work on a number of home inkjet 
print drivers in Linux, it is still a problem which puts Linux in a bad 
light, whether or not the problem is down to Scribus.

Maybe the solution would be a way of rasterising vector graphics when printing 
(maybe preferences could be set to optionally rasterise certain graphic types 
when sending to the printer). This would add power to the home user, whilst 
maintaining the full power of postscript for professionals.


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