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Gerhard Gaussling ggnewsletter
Sat Dec 11 15:28:11 CET 2004

Am Donnerstag 09 Dezember 2004 00:42 schrieb David Purton:
> Even though I haven't ever used PDF/X-3, and who knows what our
> prepress bureau would come up with from them, I am beginning to see
> that they are a very reliable way of getting something printed
> correctly.


Indeed Acrobat 5.x is insufficient to handle softproofing and using 
profiles and Spotcolors the right way. You absolutely have to use 
Acrobat 6.x(+) to handle all these colorspaces and profiles the right 
way, and do a softproof and a correct overprinting view. All of that is 
important to examine a PDF regarding it's color and overprinting state.

What I found about PDF/X-3 on http://www.pdf-x.com/pdfx_123_1.php is:

it's a device independant container, which allows to handle all kinds of 
colorspaces if they are based on icc profiles. 

It's a superset of pdf/x-1a. 

Transparency must be flattened (that means isn't allowed) 

JBIG-2 compression and Encryption isn't allowed.

All fonts and images must be embedded.

The file must be identified as trapped or not trapped

MediaBox and TrimBox or ArtBox must be defined; BleedBox is optional

The output intent* must be specified either by stating a Characterized 
Printing Condition or identifying an ICC output profile
* The output intent identifies the press condition the file is prepared 
for, such as type of press, and inks and paper that will be used.

You can find more information about pdf/x here:

http://www.color.org/ http://www.color.org/pdfx.pdf
http://www.fogra.org/ Yopu can choose 'english' in the menu.

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