[Scribus] Installing Scripter

Michal Blazejczyk blazej
Fri Dec 10 04:28:04 CET 2004

> > Hi
> > 
> > > How do I install Scripter? I couldn't find any docs on the subject.
> > > I have v. 1.2 on my machine but the Scripter menu is not there...
> > 
> > If its not there, then try:
> > a) test it in English
> > OR
> > b) when compiling, is Python found? If its not, Scripter will not be 
> > built/installed.
> Yep. Also try running Scribus from a terminal and see if you get any
> messages about symbols not found or anything like that. If you have two
> versions of Python installed it is possible, though unlikely, to compile
> against one but end up linking against the other at runtime.

Thanks, Craig.

1. I always run Scribus in English.
2. I don't remember whether Scribus finds Python when compiling.
    I have Python 2.3 installed.
3. When I run Scribus from a terminal, no error messages of any kind appear.

I think I'll just rebuild Scribus sometime soon and check for this Python 

Maybe I'll get to writing the story around X-mas.

Take care


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