[Scribus] Looking for certain scripting functions

Thu Dec 9 08:47:46 CET 2004

> thanks for the link. But even here, I can't find something useful for 
> this kind of work.

yes, you're right getAllStyles() and setStyle(). Added into todo list ;)

> My idea was just to make two loops:
> browse all frames
> 	browse all paragraphs
> 		if paragraph's style == theOneI'mLookingFor
> 			getText of this paragraph
> 			getPageNumber of this frame
> 			add as new entry to table of contents

yes, this is the "algorithm" I use. There are some constraints and checks

> > but stay tuned - I've got LoC workaround for Scribus 1.2x 
> in progress.
> :-) What's LoC? Why workaround?

list of contents :)
It's just for 1.2.x< version. I'm sure we will have LoC support in 1.3x itself.


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