[Scribus] Looking for certain scripting functions

Wed Dec 8 16:50:52 CET 2004

> Just browsing the list of Get... functions in the API 
> documentation on 
> the website and wondered if there is a GetParagraphText() and a 
> GetParagraphStyle() function or something like that enabling me to 
> identify a certain paragraph and its style in a text frame.

please check:
there is the list of the most up-to-date functions and classes

> Do you remember the question if someone could code a script making a 
> list of contents for a document? He thought the easiest way was to 
> browse the text for certain paragraph styles and build the list from 
> these texts. Very easy if you have such functions for that.

not so easy, believe me ;)
but stay tuned - I've got LoC workaround for Scribus 1.2x in progress.
It works hardcoded in my devel-desktop. Now I need to find time to
stabilize it. (But the time, you know...)

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